Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shannon's Spiritual Preparation to Birth

Shannon attended my hypnosis for childbirth class a couple of years ago. She had a natural birth at California Pacific Medical Center. I asked if she would share her reflections on her psychological and spiritual preparation. This is what she wrote.

I invite my students to find their own reflections, words and intentions to inwardly prepare for birth. These are Shannon's words but provide one model for finding your own.

Shannon's Intention:

I think the most important thing to have in order to create a positive birthing experience is to believe that you have the ability to create your own experience, or at least co-create it.

Belief in this personal creative power is essential and once you have it you can direct your intentions to any life experience. The equation is uniting your mind's will with spirit.

My own birthing experience turned out pretty much the way I had hoped. A natural vaginal birth with the outcome being a healthy baby and a healthy mother. There were some variables I didn't expect but that's where a little surrendering came in handy. The variables only gave my birthing story its own uniqueness and mystery.

Once I found out I was pregnant I decided that I wanted nature to takes its course as much as possible. Even though I chose to have my baby in a hospital with an obstetrician I wanted there to be a balance between the natural birthing process and the medical world.

I wrote down my expectations for my pregnancy and delivery and meditated on them daily. I visualized the outcome often and got in touch with the creative force inside myself - this gave me the confidence I needed to follow through on my plan.

I surrounded myself with the best support team: husband, doula and doctor for my own situation and personality, and I trusted my decisions.

I also included my baby's spirit and will in the process. I often talked to my little one inside, explaining what we needed to do as a team to create a healthy and flowing birth, I believe he listened.

I'm thankful for my positive birthing experience. I'm not Superwoman - the birth was sometimes scary and very physically challenging but I knew I could handle it.

I put spirit and my will to work and everyone who was present at the birth was in some way supporting me and my vision for a healthy, natural child birth.