Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Natural childbirth - every woman is strong enough!

Natural childbirth - every woman is strong enough! It makes me sad to see that so many women today do not believe or know this on a deep, cellular level.

It is awe inspiring to witness a woman negotiate her labor and watch the flood of emotions she feels after a natural childbirth. Some natural childbirths are intensely painful and others are ecstatic. After a natural childbirth a woman may be thrilled. She might be righteously, fiercely powerful. She may even be amazed or stunned that she really did have the strength to do it on her own. Regardless, she knows her body works. She knows that she and her baby are a perfect team. She will carry with her the knowledge of her power and her body's wisdom into parenting and the rest of her life.

I see women forever transformed by the experience - knowing that they have deep pools of strength and untapped reserves. Natural childbirth is an opportunity for exponential transformation.


mollyfn said...

I agree completely, whenever I hear a woman say "I don't think I could do that, I don't have that kind of strength" I just want to take her and help her see how she can do it, every woman can do it, every woman is capable, every woman is strong enough.

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I suppose that other approaches include movement and different positions (i.e. using a birthing ball), hot and cold therapy (i.e. using hot compresses and/or cold packs), and receiving one-on-one labor support like that provided by a midwife or doula.

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Many women consider natural birth empowering.

Braddie G said...

You are right Michelle. Every woman is strong enough to face anything that comes to her way. Holding a Baby for months and Giving birth to a baby are some of the best and the great things that only a woman can do. Etizolam RX